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Exempt Facilities / Solid Waste


CalPFA’s Exempt Facility Bond Program is designed to assist eligible borrowers finance various types of facilities owned or used by private entities using tax-exempt bonds. A qualified borrower can finance a project at a lower interest rate than available through conventional financing because the interest paid to bondholders is exempt from federal income tax.


A few of the eligible facilities include:

  • Solid and hazardous waste disposal facilities
  • Airports
  • Docks and wharves
  • Local utility facilities for water and sewer
  • Mass commuting facilities

Additional Requirements

Many exempt facility project financing requests are subject to availability and an award of volume cap allocation from the state in which the proposed project is located. CalPFA will assist potential borrowers in this effort when necessary.

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For more information regarding CalPFA’s Exempt Facility Bond Program or project eligibility, please contact a CalPFA Program Administrator.

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