California Public Finance Authority

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California Public Finance Authority

California Public Finance Authority Launches

Kings County and the Housing Authority of Kings County are pleased to announce the launch of the California Public Finance Authority (“CalPFA”).

CalPFA is a political subdivision of the State of California established under the Joint Exercise of Powers Act. CalPFA is empowered to promote economic, cultural, and community development opportunities through the issuance of tax-exempt and taxable bonds throughout California.

To help carry out its mission, CalPFA selected GPM Municipal Advisors, LLC (“GPM”) by way of RFP to serve as the CalPFA Program Administrator. Prior to partnering with CalPFA on July 7, 2015, GPM and its parent company, HB Capital Resources, assisted with more than $53 billion in tax-exempt and taxable debt issuance for more than 1,400 project financings throughout California while serving as Program Manager for the California Statewide Communities Development Authority, beginning in 1988. 
For more information about CalPFA, contact any of its Program Administrators.